Feb 21


Transport from Henry Coanda International Airport

The Henry Coanda International Airport (called also Otopeni) is located 16 km north of the Bucharest City Centre.

The 783 bus travels regularly to the City Centre (approximate travel time 40 minutes), via Victoriei Square, Romana Square, Universitate and finally Unirii Square.

The 783 bus timetable is:
Monday to Friday 5:30 - 23:40 (every 15 minutes)
Saturday, Sunday and legal holydays: 5:30 - 23:30 (every 30 minutes).

If you take the bus, get off at Piata Victoriei station then take the subway train. From Piata Victoriei take the train to Republica direction. Get off at Semanatoarea, which is the fourth station after Piata Victoriei. At Petrache Poenaru (former Semanatoarea) there are two exits. To get out to the correct exit you have to go in the direction of the train. The Regie campus is about 300 meters far on the left side of the Dambovita River.

For the bus travel, only round trip tickets can be purchased; there are no singles. You may not be able to buy from the driver, and need to get them before boarding from the sales booth. Tickets have a magnetic stripe which is read by a machine on entering the bus. These tickets are different from and not compatible with the cheaper ones for City buses – but they are still cheap (5 Lei - 1.5 Euro, for one return ticket). 

For the subway train travel you have to buy a magnetic card from the entrance. You may find cards for 2 travels, 10 travels and one-day travel. The cost depends on the number of travels. However, it is cheaper than the bus ticket.


The exchange rate for Romanian currency can be found on the National Bank of Romania website at section Financial Info. All Romanian bank notes use polymer (not paper). The Lei is divided into 100 Bani. A symbol for the currency is RON.
Note that the Romanian currency was divided by 10000 a few years ago, but prices may still be quoted in the old Lei in some cases.