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The Faculty of Transports


The Faculty of Transports has a tradition of over 50 years.
The Railway Faculty was founded in 1948. The Institute of Railway Technology was founded a year later. In 1953, the Chair of Railway Signaling and Centralization (later turned into Railway Remote Control) was part of the Faculty of Electronics.

In 1959, the Railway Institute joined the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and the Faculty of Transports was thus founded. Starting with 1972, the specialization in Railway Remote Control is transferred to the Faculty of Transports which thus provided four specializations: Road Vehicles (founded in 1959), Railway Rolling Stock, Transports Engineering (founded in 1948 and called Circulation and Exploitation) and Railway Remote Control.

Nowadays, the Faculty has five specializations in full-time study mode: Automotive Engineering and Automotive Propulsion Systems Engineering in the field of Automotive Engineering, Vehicles for Railway Transport in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Traffic Engineering in the field of Transport Engineering and Remote Control, and Electronics in Transports in the field of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications.
The Faculty prepares graduates of advanced studies in four specializations: Economy and Vehicle Safety, High Speed Railway Vehicles, Transports Logistics and Telematic Systems for Transports, as well as in the Master specialization Transport and Urban Traffic (with a length of two years). The faculty also provides doctoral studies under the supervision of six professors.

The graduates of the Faculty of Transports have competences in designing, manufacturing and exploitation of road and railway vehicles, traffic and circulation safety, transports management, legislation in transports, electronics and remote control in transports, intelligent transport systems, etc. The balance between the fundamental general technical training and the specialized training has enabled the graduates to assert their professionalism in other spheres of the socio-economic activity: public administration, commerce, insurance, technical examinations, etc. The quality of the professional training in accordance with the labour market demands has enabled the vast majority of graduates to find a job in a short time.
The number of students attending the faculty is about 2,300.

The teaching staff, the students and the auxiliary technical personnel are involved in research activities within the specialized Departments and in the research centres affiliated to the Departments by research contracts, articles and papers. Since 1982, the Faculty has organized the scientific session entitled ‘’ Economy, Vehicles Safety and Reliability’’ which has become a landmark European event among the specialists in this field. The Faculty has also organized numerous prestigious scientific events.

Address: 313 Splaiul Independentei, postal code 060042, sector 6, Bucharest, JA 003 Building
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Telephone: +4021-402 95 68 / 95 69

Fax:+4021 318 10 12


• Dean: Professor Iulian BADESCU, Ph.D.
• Vice Dean: Associate Professor Cătălin CRUCEANU, Ph.D.
• Vice Dean: Associate professor Grigore DANCIU, Ph.D.
• Vice Dean: Professor Eugen ROŞCA, Ph.D.
• Vice Dean: Lecturer Cornelia STAN, Ph.D.

• Vice Dean: Lecturer Ilona COSTEA, Ph.D.


Fields of Study

Automotive Engineering

Automotive Propulsion Systems Engineering

Transport and Traffic Engineering

Vehicles for Railway Transport

Remote Control and Electronics in Transport


Automotive Engineering
• Head: Professor Daniel Mihail IOSZA, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021-402 95 48
• Site:

Railway Vehicles
• Head: Professor Traian MAZILU, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021-402 96 95
• Site:

Transport, Traffic and Logistics
• Head: Professor Mihaela POPA, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021-402 95 47
• Site:

Remote Control and Electronics in Transports
• Head: Associate Professor Marius MINEA, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021-402 96 53
• Site: