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The Faculty of Medical Engineering


The Faculty of Medical Engineering (FME) of the University POLYTECHNIC of Bucharest (UPB) has resulted from the development of the Bioengineering and Biotechnology Department (BBD). FME is an integrative structure, playing a synergistic role in promoting the fields of Bioengineering and Biotechnology at the level of the university, in compliance with the PUB strategy regarding their role and importance in ensuring the quality of life, at social and economic level.
Set up in 2010, the faculty integrates undergraduate studies in Medical Engineering and Master studies of the Department (organized since 2002) in a distinct structure, which ensures the academic environment necessary for this field that has emerged as a new engineering specialization.

The Faculty of Medical Engineering, a successor of BBD, distinguishes by the high level of interdisciplinarity of the teaching staff and of the study programmes provided, with components of technical sciences, medicine and life sciences. FME organizes teaching and training activities at undergraduate, Master and doctoral levels, including co-tutorate doctorates with specialists from PUB, from other IOSUD in the country and with specialists from abroad, as well as postgraduate qualifications/requalifications, including distance education in the field of Applied Engineering Sciences.

The Faculty of Medical Engineering provides its graduates with the theoretical and practical competences in the field of medical engineering, by teaching technical, medical and computer science skills, for technical assistance, research, design and creation of dedicated software.
As of the academic year 2010-2011, the faculty offers the possibility of undergoing academic studies in the field of Applied Engineering Sciences.

The study programmes are aligned to the European standards, combining the tradition of the Bucharest polytechnic school with the present trends in automatic control and computer science, the quality of the teaching staff being recognized at national and international levels. The educational, teaching and research activities are conducted in collaboration with the Councils of the PUB faculties and departments. The Faculty of Medical Engineering pursues its goal that training in these fields should comply with the national educational requirements, being competitive with the one offered by prestigious universities. FME collaborates with BIOINGTEH UPB-CNCSIS Bioengineering-Biotechnology Interdisciplinary Platform.

FME offers the following specializations:

• Undergraduate studies (cycle I), with and without tax: courses, scientific research activities and the graduation paper in the field of Applied Technical Sciences; the scientific title of “Engineer” is granted.
• Master (2 years, complementary), with or without tax: courses, scientific research activities and the dissertation paper; the training field of Applied Technical Sciences; the scientific title of “Master” is granted.


Dean: Professor Sorin JINGA, Ph.D.
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Telephone: +40 21 402 90 39

Vice-Dean: Lecturer Alina MACHEDON, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean: Professor Georgeta VOICU, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean: Lecturer Izabela Cristina STANCU, Ph.D.

Major Fields of Study

Medical Equipment and Systems

Biomaterials and Medical Devices

Medical and Clinical Engineering


Biocompatible Substance, Material and System Biotechnology


Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Head: Professor Mihaela MOREGA, Ph.D.

Telephone: +40 21 402 91 53


Physical Education and Sport - Kinesiotherapy

Head: Associate Professor Mihaela NETOLITZCHI, Ph.D.

Telephone: +40 21 402 93 55