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The Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science

The Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science goes back to 1867 when Chemistry courses were introduced and taught by professor Emanuel Bacaloglu in the former School of Bridges, Roads and Mines. The faculty is located in the Polizu buildings built starting with 1886 (A building). It is in this location that academician Alfons Saligny supervised the Chemistry laboratories between 1866 and 1903, being followed by Grigore Pfeiffer. During the period between the two World Wars, the young Emilian Bratu, Costin Nenitescu and Serban Solacolu were hired, who were then to become renowned professors and school founders.

The law for the profession of engineer and for setting up the Board of Engineers’ was enforced in 1938. In this context, within the Polytechnic School, the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry is set up, its first dean being professor Negoita Danaila.

The faculty has naturally evolved as new specializations, laboratories and research centres were set up to meet the demand for technological and scientific development. Nowadays, the faculty educates engineers (four years) in various specializations in the chemical industry. Besides the courses for the Bachelor’s degree, there are Advanced Studies for engineers as well as postgraduate academic schools, etc.
Every two years, the faculty supervises The National Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, taking an active part in the national and overseas scientific publications.

Address: 1-7 Polizu Street, postal code 011061 or 132 Calea Grivitei, postal code 010737, sector 1, Bucharest, L 015 Building.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +4021-402 39 27; +4021-402 39 35

Major Fields of Study

• Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials
• Chemistry and Engineering of Organic Substances and Petrochemistry
• Polymer Science and Engineering
• Food Chemistry and Biochemical Technologies
• Engineering and Informatics for Chemical and Biochemical Processes

• Economic Engineering in Chemical and Materials Industry

• Engineering and Environment Protection in Chemical and Petrochemical Industries 
• Control and Expertise of Food Products


• Dean: Professor Cristina ORBECI, Ph.D.
• Vice-Dean: Professor Liane Raluca STAN, Ph.D.
• Vice-Dean: Professor Alina BADANOIU, Ph.D.
• Vice-Dean: Associate Professor Cristian PÎRVU, Ph.D.

• Vice-Dean: Professor Paul STĂNESCU, Ph.D.


"Costin Nenițescu" Organic Chemistry
Head: Associate Professor Daniela ISTRATI, Ph.D.
Telephone: +4021 - 402 39 05

Analitycal Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
• Head: Professor Cristina COSTACHE, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021 - 402 38 20

Chemistry Engineering
• Head: Professor Grigore BOZGA, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021 - 402 38 83

Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials
• Head: Professor Anton FICAI, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021 - 402 39 80


General Chemistry
• Head: Professor Cristian PIRVU, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021 - 402 39 28

Bioresources and Polymer Science
• Head: Lecturer Paul STANESCU, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021 - 402 27 01

Inorganic Chemistry, Phisical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
• Head: Professor Viorel FEROIU, Ph.D.
• Telephone: +4021 - 402 39 88