Jan 20

Rector`s Message

POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest is the largest and the oldest technical university in the country and among the most prestigious universities in Romania.

The tradition of our institution, developed in over 185 years through the effort of the most important nation's schoolmasters and of the generations of students, is not the only convincing reason. Today, the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest is undergoing a continuous modernization process, being involved in a permanent dialogue with great universities in Europe and all over the world.

The mission of the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest has been thought over as a blend of education, research and innovation, which represents a key towards a knowledge-based society and economy. Creating knowledge mainly by scientific research, giving it out by education and professional training, disseminating it by information technologies, as well as the use of technological innovation are elements that define the university distinctive profile.
The POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest wants to be present among the universities in Europe able to design and optimize processes that lead to a knowledge-based society, to reaching the goals of the sustainable economic growth, to better jobs, to stronger economic and social cohesion, in compliance with the provisions of the 2002 European Council in Lisbon and European Council in Barcelona in the same year.

Consistent to the fundamental role played by universities and student organizations in the Higher Education European Scene development, the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest commits itself to priorities such as the development of the higher education quality at European level, studies reorganization by adopting a system based on cycles whose implementation started in 2005, support of students and teaching staff mobility abroad, achievement of the partnership with students in view of decision making, and turning the continuous education into a reality.

In order to face these complex challenges, the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest is planning a sound educational and research-development policy with the participation of the entire community.
Our professors and students’ mobility to universities in the European Union, the research programs involving our university, doctoral theses jointly supervised by our university professors and those from European universities, Erasmus (Socrates) and Leonardo da Vinci programmes that our institution takes part in, master studies organized together with European universities, visiting professors invited to deliver courses and give lectures represent some of the facts proving the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest integration in the European system of education.

Seriousness, the depth of the approach and the quality of the academic programmes have also led, year after year, to the acknowledgment of our professors’ and students’ performances abroad, in addition to the recognition of the engineer diploma issued by the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest.
The heritage left by our predecessors determines the present academic community to get involved in many scientific research programmes and projects that bestow it not only appreciation and professional reputation, but also the quality of its teaching steps and the premise of its participation in accomplishing an information society within the higher education European space through knowledge creation.

The engineering profession has continuously transformed and adapted itself to the new demands of the society, but being an engineer, viz. a person who knows and is able to make life more comfortable, has remained unchanged.
Nowadays, it is inconceivable that a person should survive without all the things made available by an engineer. A place to live, everyday food, the goods in our home, medicines and cosmetics, water, electric and thermal power, machines and equipment, communication means, cars or airplanes, as a matter of fact the whole material conception is the work and result of an engineer's thinking.