Feb 21

Erasmus student

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) has successfully implemented the ETCS system, which is mandatory in the Erasmus Programme. If you want to study at UPB within the Erasmus+ Programme, you just need to follow few basic steps.

Step 1. You need to be nominated by your university to receive an Erasmus+ grant.

Step 2. Check if there is an Inter-institutional Agreement between UPB and your university. Choose the faculty from UPB that suits best to you. University “Politehnica” of Bucharest has 15 faculties.

• You may study in English, French or German at the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages

• Three other faculties offer courses in English, i.e. Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (Link #1  Link #2), and Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science (Master #1  Master #2). For the last two faculties, please contact the person in charge.

• For courses taught in Romanian or for a diploma/dissertation thesis, in any accepted language, please visit our FACULTIES and/or contact the faculty's person in charge.

• Prepare the Student Application Form and the Learning Agreement and send them to our office (scanned version is accepted) until 30 June for the first semester or 30 November for the second semester.

Step 4. Schedule your travel. Please note that in Romania the academic year starts on October, 1st. One semester lasts 14 weeks+3 weeks for the final examination. For the first semester please add 1-2 weeks for the winter holiday. Usually, the second semester begins by the middle of February.

Step 5. Make the arrangements for accommodation. If you want to stay in the university campus (called Regie), please visit ACCOMMODATION. We do not provide guidance for private housing. However, the best way is to stay in the university hostel for 2-4 weeks, while you may find the best option for you.

Step 6. Once arrived in Bucharest please make your accommodation, then visit our office to register and get useful information, within our working hours.


To learn about the experience of studying at UPB and living in Bucharest you may get in touch with various student associations, among which ESN Romania, Erasmus Student Network, AEFR- Association des Etudiants Francophones de Roumanie (, AEGEE in Romania- Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants e l’Europe ( or AIESEC Romania ( You can also find information about a university by visiting