Mar 25

Career Center


Address:    Campus Regie, Building H
Phone:     +40 21 402 8302
Fax:            +40 21 402 8303
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The Career Guidance and Counseling Center of University counseling services to students and graduates, initiating career guidance programs in institution of higher education focused on a decision/making approach, and work-experience models.

The mission statement of the Career Guidance and Counseling Center of UPB is to provide consultancy and counseling
services to the university s candidates, students and graduates in order to help them to choose the appropriate
educational stream according to the individual psychological profile, interests, abilities, and labor market s

Understanding the relationships between career choice and educational requirements is essential. University s students
need to learn adapting their personal skills to the occupational requirements. In this way, career planning and
decision-making skills play an important role, and students need assistance in choosing between career opportunities.

So, dear students visit us to the Counseling Center and we help you to discover yourselves and make a decision according to your skills, performance and aptitudes.